Note from the Director: Rishi Das

I founded Nootana in early 2012, after dreaming for years of an ensemble to excercise my passions in direction, composition, performance, and choreography. As a resident and active artist in the of the nation's capital, I have had the honor of performing and producing performances with a variety of extremely talented artists, ensembles, and venues. I finally started Nootana with the support of family, friends, and the dedicated and unique artists who bring to life what I have been dreaming about for years: a multidisciplinary ensemble performing live classical music and live classical dance, to tastefully bind the innovative and traditional arts of India.

Our ultimate goal is to become part of the culture of the DC Metropolitan area, providing our fans and followers with access to locally-produced live-performances of Indian Classical dance and music, as performed by Nootana. As a volunteer based organization, our ensemble members donate their time through regular practices on evenings and weekends, and ultimately at our upcoming performances.

We had an incredibly successful inaugural performance at our "Utsav: Celebrating Innovation" in May 2013, an awesome 2nd Annual Utsav in April of 2014, with two shows, and a nearly sold out 3rd annual Utsav in May 2015! Now, as resident artists at Joe's Movement Emporium, we had an incredible 1st fall show, an original dance drama Journey. We are presenting our 4th annual spring show, Looking Glass: A Modern Dance Drama, again at Joe's on May 21, 2016. Join us and celebrate Asian Pacific Heritage Month and Innovation in the arts with Nootana! Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions or would like to join the Nootana family as an ensemble member or volunteer, please contact me directly.